Scented German Calendars {Fragrant Shopping}

Apparently, the Germans love their calendars to be more than visually appealing, they also appreciate a little scratch-and-sniff action.

You can find a series of such scented calendars called Duftkalendar on the Germany site of Amazon, They either revolve around a theme, Spices and Herbs or Fruits or are more generalist. Each page offers a picture of the ingredient or bouquet of the month as well as a rubbing spot for you to release the aromatic molecules...

The German customers seem to think they are a great kitchen home decor fit and addition and just can't get enough of them: a couple are out of stock.

You could offer these calendars to your favorite cook for Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you insist on having plain English written somewhere in there, the Fruit calendar (see pic on the right) is trilingual French, English and German. You could even practice your vocabulary while waiting for the food to cook!

A calendar is priced at 12,95€ or approximately $19 at current exchange rate.

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