{Perfume Q & A} with Franco Wright of Luckyscent - Tastes of Summer: 2007 Bestseller Summery Fragrances




Franco Wright is the co-founder of Luckyscent, a perfumery located in Los Angeles, which is reputed for its edgy niche offerings and constant seeking-out of rare confidential fragrance brands originating from different corners of the globe. They have both an online presence at Luckyscent.com and a store called Scent Bar where you can go, chat with the scent barkeepers, and sniff the latest trends or ideas...

As we have come to experience the dog days of summer (but maybe not in
your area) what have been so far the bestsellers of this 2007 summer season?

CB I Hate: At the Beach 1966
Parfumerie Générale: Bois Blond
Creative Scentualization: Perfect Veil
Comme des Garcons: PLAY

Talk about a wild mix of bestsellers!

Any perfumes or products that you regret customers have not paid
enough attention to, although they would be great to wear or use now?

I love the light freshness of Parfums de Nicolai's Eau d'Eté. We did very
well with it last year...and when it is near 100 degrees out, this is simply
the best!
I've been wearing lately the L'eau de Jatamansi. I love the concept and
fragrance of this collection.
Something more masculine, we recommend (and adore) the Heeley Menthe
. Refreshingly unique.

Apart from the fragrances that you sell yourself, any others (such as classics, foreign fragrances, hard-to-find perfumes) that you can recommend for our readers to seek out?

I really enjoy the creations from Le Labo.

For the non-snobs: what is the cheapest perfume that you could suggest, from your store, that is still great quality and appropriate for the summer (if the conventional seasonal divide makes any sense to you)?

One of my long-time guilty pleasures: Vanilla coconut, by Susanne Lang.

For people with exclusive tastes: what is the most expensive perfume
that you carry in your store that you recommend as a must for summer?

The Indult Tihota: quite possibly the best vanilla scent EVER.

Do you have any celebrity tips that you can share with us? Who bought
what this summer?

Selma Blair came in and loved the Renée Jasmine. And one of my musical favorites, Morrissey, was in town and wears nothing but Avignon by Comme Des Garçons. He regularly stocks up on it.

Do you have any fragrant tips for summer?

Enjoy all the fresh / citrus / aquatic scents while you can, 'cuz in Fall
there are some amazing new releases on the way.
You can browse their large selection here

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