Wild Honeysuckle by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz {Perfume Short (Review)} {Sexy Scent of the Week}

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Wild Honeysuckle by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is a new perfume from her Essense Oils Collection. We had the opportunity to recently discover her creations and we can only report that all the perfumes we tried are very good quality, which is an invitation to explore her many varied compositions that show her love of the natural olfactory facets of the world and search for unusual accords. We have been offered a preview of Tamarind & Paprika, one of her upcoming holidays scents, and will report later on it.

For this week, we picked Wild Honeysuckle as the Sexy Scent of the Week as it evokes a date on a sultry summer evening very well, while conveying a sense of leisure and holidays thanks to its relaxed, optimistic feel.......

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Perfumer and certified aromatherapist Dawn Spencer Hurwitz said about Wild Honeysuckle that it is "A twist and tangle of sultry, seductive blossoms," adding "I have always loved the heady and intense perfume that wafts from the shady darkness where the wild honeysuckle vine grows."

This lovely scent opens on fresh citrus-y and very verdant sappy notes seeming to combine aromas like bergamot, bitter orange, and freshly crushed leaves while the golden smell of honeysuckle already peeks through. The composition feels more like it is done in the living-flower manner than in the more coded perfume-y one. The succulent honeyed, jasmine-y, tea-like accents of honeysuckle bloom on a bed of fresh grassy green notes as if you were rolling in a lush field. There seems to be an echo of Private Collection by Estée Lauder but as if the high society lady of 1973 were twenty years younger today, wearing a straw hat and delicate sandals with her summer dress while taking a stroll in the countryside not far from the hay and the corn fields. The scent warms up, with amber, musk, vanilla (not powdery) woods, and an unexpected slightly musty old-fashioned note of oakmoss, in the vintage manner, that slowly becomes woodier and earthier with time. There is a little bit of a 40s and 50s quote in this scent. The composition remains clean-smelling thanks to the enduring citrus and, seemingly, a tinge of airy ozone making one think of open air and space. It is both rich and fresh, never cloying and full of sunshine and optimism. There is a little bit of the spirit of Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers in it, if not for the smell proper.The perfume oil dries down to a sexy feminine scent with a hint of peppery spiciness and indoles that is as charming as a modern-day witty heroine of Jane Austen suddenly appearing in front of you her complexion still cool and fresh from a walk in the fields, which was filled with anticipatory amorous thoughts for the evening, for she is now free to date.

We recommend the perfume oil version for a more sensual feeling. The eaux de toilette are meant to be more fleeting. The roll-on moreover is perfect for slipping into an evening purse and refreshing oneself as the occasion arises.

Dram oil pulse roller $23. 1 oz. Eau de Toilette spray $34 available here.

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