L'Occitane Notre Flore: Myrte, Néroli, Cèdre, & Iris {New Fragrances}

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L'Occitane en Provence is offering a new collection of perfumes based on scents of the Mediterranean flora called Notre Flore (Our Flora). They evoke an ideal landscape of kindred Mediterranean cultures and natural environment replete with affinities. They also seemingly pay homage to writer Jean Giono, once studied by L'Occitane's founder Olivier Baussan, as the caps on the flacons are poetically reminiscent of compasses because - and we seem to hear Giono tell it himself - "in Provence, the winds carry the tales". Manosque where the L'Occitane factory is located is also the birthplace of Giono and intimately linked with his work and life. The collection comprises four fragrances: Myrte (Myrtle), Néroli, Cèdre (Cedar), and Iris.......

Jean Giono also dubbed himself "le voyageur immobile", the immobile traveler. Like him, we can travel while remaining in one place, thanks to perfumes and the imagination.

Myrte is an invitation to travel to Corsica with notes of mandarin leaves, bilberry, myrtle, sea spray, cistus, and patchouli.

Néroli is like a voyage to Tunisia with notes of litchi, plum, neroli, orange blossom, sandalwood, and benzoin.

Cèdre makes us journey to Morocco with notes of grapefruit, sap, cumin, tobacco leaves, cedar, and Tonka bean.

Finally Iris is a green floral that evokes the beautiful regions of Tuscany. It has notes of bergamot, pink pepper, iris, galbanum, violet, Tonka bean, and papyrus.  

Each 2.6 fl. oz eau de parfum will retail for 62 Euros. 

(Source: Osmoz) 

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  1. What a brilliant idea to use the name of this famous writer, so often associated with Jean Claude Ellena! The bottles seem very nice and more luxury than their actual range of perfumes.

  2. I am not positive that this is what they intended to do, but Giono must be somewhere in the background given the history of the company.

  3. There is always an explanation behind any marketing story. History+tradition is a great marketing tool. Tod's had a brilliant idea at the beginning when they did those advertising using old photos of Hollywood stars (40's, 50's) and next the shoes...though the company was created in 1976.
    So....about Occitane, I have no idea about their intentions, but when Hermes does great advertising on Kelly Caleche with Giono's quotes...let's face it, I don't think it's a coincidence (in the small perfumery world). Maybe it's a trend. :)))

  4. I see:)

    I've already read a different version of the story explaining the origin of Kelly Calèche that points to another source than Giono as the absolute origin:)

  5. Notre Flore is amazing!! I love all of them but my favorite is Neroli. You really should go on their new website ttp://usa.loccitane.com
    So easy to shop and I received a free cream with my order!!! Xxxx

  6. Love these new fragrances! I bought the Cedar for myself for Christmas and I receive so many compiments on it. It's a fresh, yet spicy fragrance that lasts in the winter chill. L'Occitane makes perfume that smells like nothing else on the market. . .try one, everyone will ask you where you got it!!

    • I just had a quick sniff of the Cedar but I remember it had some nice characteristics to it.

      Chant Wagner

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