{Perfume Q & A} with Régine Droin of Evody - Tastes of Summer: 2007 Bestseller Summery Fragrances

Régine Droin is a perfume expert with 30 years of experience and the owner of a trendy Parisian niche perfumery called Evody located in the midst of the Saint-Michel and Odéon quarters in the VIth arrondissement of Paris, which she operates together with her daughter Cérine Droin. We already featured their new boutique here.

Régine Droin pointed to an interesting distinction in taste appearing this summer between the clientèle from abroad and the local one, which is understandable as the historic district in which the boutique is located is very tourist-y. The weather on the whole this summer in Paris was cool creating a psychological yearning for notes that were sunny and warm at the same time.......

Juliette Has A Gun4.jpg

In France we are far from having experienced the dog days of summer. We had a lovely month of April and since then....rain. The sun is starting to settle in but we are very far removed from any summer heat-waves.

For this reason, our customers wished for sunny notes, but which had warmth.

- The golden palm goes to "Lady Vengeance" by Juliette Has A Gun, which was a fabulous success with our foreign clientèle. 

The clientèle consisting in insiders/connoisseurs, loyal patrons, or others were seduced by LUX by Mona di Orio, a perfume which is luminous with body and longevity, supported by woods (cedarwood and sandalwood) and an amber-y and musky base. It is breathtakingly beautiful! (see our review).

I do not experience this feeling of frustration for a brand. All the same, I will stop carrying Nelly Rodi in order to introduce two brands in September: Parfum d'Empire and By Killian in exclusivity with Le Printemps.

- I do not find any great originality in summer fragrances except for the one by Mona.

- The most expensive one at my boutique right now is LUX, 160 Euros for 100 ml.

- Regarding celebrities, Cérine knows more about that, but she is currently on vacation......

In French: 

En France, nous sommes loin d'avoir eu la canicule, nous avons eu un joli mois d'avril et depuis, de la pluie......Le soleil commence à se poser mais nous sommes très loin des grosses chaleurs d'été. 

De fait, nos clients souhaitaient des notes ensoleillées mais chaleureuses.

- La palme d'or revient à "Lady Vengeance" de Juliette Has A Gun qui a eu un succès fabuleux auprès de notre clientèle étrangère.

La clientèle d'initiés, fidèles ou autres ont été séduits par LUX de Mona di Orio, un parfum lumineux avec du corps et de la tenue soutenu par des bois (cèdre et santal) et un fond ambré et musqué. De toute beauté !
- Je n'ai pas ce sentiment de frustration pour une marque. Je vais tout de même arrêter Nelly Rodi pour introduire 2 marques en septembre : Parfum d'Empire et by Killian en exclusivité avec le Printemps.
- Je ne trouve pas de grande originalité aux parfums d'été en dehors de celui de Mona.
- Le plus cher chez moi actuellement est LUX - 160 € en 100 ml
- Concernant les célébrités Cérine est plus au fait que moi mais elle est en vacances.....
You can visit the beautiful Evody website here
Image courtesy of Régine Droin. Photo montage of Juliette Has A Gun from We Love Beauty
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