Anti-Stench Campaign in The Bronx, Perfumer Daniela Andrier Reports on a Day in her Life {The 5th Sense in the News}

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Warning, this article contains graphic descriptions of bad odors. The New York Post reports on a series of malodors in The Bronx,

The Bronx may not be burning, but it sure smells funny.

The city has unleashed a sniffing SWAT team to nose around the borough to determine the sources of strange odors reported by nauseated neighbors in the Hunts Point area.

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A day in the life of a perfumer and mom of three, soon to be four children: Daniela Andrier....... 

From the Times' series, The Way We Live,

I usually get up at 7.30. Gilles travels a lot with his work, so he’s either already left or he’ll be away on business for a couple of days. We have three children and I’m about to give birth to our fourth — which is like a gift because I’m 43. I love nothing more than being pregnant: it’s something beautiful, you feel like a tree that has lots of fruits on it.

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