Auctioning Off Floris No. 89 for the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation (Update) {Fragrance News}


In the days leading to October 2007 which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, beauty and perfume brands are mobilizing to pitch in and contribute to the collective awareness and donation efforts. Floris of London, one of the two oldest perfumeries in existence in the world (with Santa Maria Novella), established 1730, is organizing a charity auction on eBay and 25% of the proceeds will be given to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation, "the world's largest and most progressive grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists".

Floris is auctioning off their last batch of No. 89, the fragrance of choice worn both by James Bond 007 the fictional spy character and Ian Flemming the author and which is a scent reputed for its typical British gentlemanly charm. The eau de toilette, which was created in 1955, features notes of Citrus, Spicy, Bergamot, Orange, Geranium, Nutmeg Cologne, Orange Blossom, Floral, Herbal, Rose, Jasmine Woody, Musky, Mossy, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver.......

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The perfume is named after the number of the Floris address in Jermyn Street, which has remained unchanged since its establishment in the 18th century. The collection of products available for No. 89 has diminished over the years and this is its last incarnation, the eau de toilette.

According to the press release,

Update: "To help spread the word about National Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, Floris London is auctioning off a classic collection for a cause.

(September 27, 2007)  Floris London is now auctioning off on eBay the only bottles presently available in the US of their classic No. 89 men’s fragrance to benefit the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. 

To place a bid, please go to

Sought by men the world over, requests for the elusive No. 89 have been great, and this sophisticated and provocative scent has been worn by many celebrities, including James Bond in the 007 novels and star Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.  Richard Branson was delighted when he recently received a fresh bottle of No. 89 from us at a party in New York City celebrating the launch of his new Virgin America airline.

The auction will begin on eBay Thursday, September 27.  All bids start with a reserve price of $85 per bottle."

You can read further about the celebrities that have patronized Floris, 

"....Floris Malmaison was created in the 1860’s, when Malmaison Carnations had become all the rage within elegant circles of London society, and Oscar Wilde, famous for donning a dyed green Malmaison buttonhole flower, wore an earlier version of this current Floris Malmaison scent and was a regular at Floris’ 89 Jermyn Street shop in Mayfair. 

This tradition of elegance and suave sophistication enabled the brand to penetrate modern pop culture by way of James Bond, who famously wore Floris’ exotic No. 89 men’s fragrance on his dashing adventures around the globe.  In real life, Floris fragrance devotees Jackie Onassis and Natalie Wood were certainly attracted by the Floris-James Bond connection. 

Today, Floris fragrances are popular with film and television celebrities like Susan Sarandon, Emma Thompson, Kyle MacLachlan and Sex In The City star Kristin Davis.  In fact, Al Pacino's blind character in the film ‘Scent of a Woman’ was able to identify when a woman who walked into the room was wearing a Floris fragrance. 

Located at 89 Jermyn Street in Mayfair, for centuries the epicenter of distinguished London near the Royal Court of St. James, and today one of its most fashionable shopping streets, Floris London received its first prestigious Royal Warrant in 1820.  As word spread among the stylish set about the alluring qualities of Floris fragrances, the Crown continued to commission them for their products, and Floris London has held the Royal Warrant of every reigning monarch since.  They also reintroduced their 1860 scent 'Bouquet de la Reine' to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee in 2002. 

About Floris London

For over 275 years, the Floris London name has been synonymous with superior and distinctive fragrances for men, women and home.  Floris London’s current Chairman John Bodenham is an 8th descendant of company founder Juan Femenias Floris, and their flagship store is still located at its original 89 Jermyn Street address in Mayfair London.  Fragrances include: Night Scented Jasmine, evocative of sumptuous and romantic Mediterranean evenings; Florissa, the true essence of an English garden; and Seringa, a modern, assertive scent and the adornment of pure elegance.  For more information please visit London-The Art of Fragrance."

Save the date this Thursday September 27 for the beginning of the auction on eBay!



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  1. Is Floris no. 89 being discontinued? If so, does anyone know why?

  2. zztop,

    They do not want to say that they are going in one direction or the other at this point.

  3. The Floris London store maintains No 89 is NOT being discontinued and that in fact the line is being expanded in 2008 to include bath soap, shaving soap, etc. Is this simply the US branch of Floris donating their last remaining bottles to charity before the line is repackaged/expanded? If so, stating the fragrance is being discontinued is simply not true and misleading.

    Chris Fisher
  4. Chris,

    My understanding is that no one said it was being discontinued. The press release just mentions, broadly speaking, that they are auctioning off the last 60 bottles in the world. Ok, you can still find some extra bottles elsewhere, but not on the Floris site currently.

    Then zztop asked about it being discontinued or not and the response I got from the Floris representative is that "...unfortunately that information is unavailable at this time.."

    Thanks for the news about the line being expanded soon. Sounds like that information is available now:)

  5. A quick update: Floris No. 89 is not discontinued. They are auctioning off the last 60 bottles they have in the US and it won't be available here again in the US until next spring.


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