Britney Spears Believe: Its Notes & Where To Buy It {Shopping Tip}

Britney Spears Believe.jpg


We discovered the controversial ad featuring Britney Spears recently. Someone proved it was the real her, only photoshopped, by zooming in on and circling all her beauty marks with a pen (can't find the link anymore). Apart from the media controversy, Britney Spears Believe is now available for pre-order and will be shipped as early as 9/24/2007 from the website created for the occasion of the promotion of the perfume:

The new scent is described as a "a blend of exotic fruits, soft florals and amber with a top-note of guava pulp and golden tangerine. It comes in a tinted triangular-shaped bottle with a silver plate on the top engraved with Britney’s signature. The line comprises three EdP priced at $38 for 30ml; $48 for 50ml and $58 for 100 ml. A body soufflé is priced at $25, 200 ml." 

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