Britney Spears Believe Ad {Scented Image}

Believe Ad Big.jpg


While Britney Spears is preparing to launch her latest jus, Believe, an ad campaign of sorts has already started on the net with pictures of the Elizabeth Arden press release circulating. Fans and others are wondering whether or not an all-too-obvious idealization process has taken place? The question may appear futile, but it is not, really. What are at stakes are ethical issues regarding body representation and the power of images in our society.


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(Photo from China Daily

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  1. Do you know the belly ring that is in the Believe ad?

  2. Britney Spears looks awesome :)

  3. Wow, as always this girl can really suprise us all. Love her and all her stuff. Any idea where we can get a free sample of her new perfume..

  4. Hey sarah theres a sample in the Blackout album. Personally I like Fantasy above all other Britney perfumes. P.S. I know I'm not a good speller.

  5. I absolutely love Fantasy too. It smells great on me. My husband loves it too. I've tried Believe, but I didn't like it as well as Fantasy.

  6. Takemyhusbandplz, Lol,

    I need to sniff that Believe.

  7. I don't like fantasy at all, I think it smells like cotton candy. Quite frankly that smell just seems a little juvenile to me. Curious, on the other hand, smells amazing. I'm interested in knowing what believe smells like, though.

  8. where can i buy this belly button ring !!???


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