Fishnets on Perfume Flacons are In! Les Flacons de Parfums Adoptent le Bas Résille! {Scented Thoughts} {Trend Alert}

Fish Net Bottle Trend3.jpg

Perfume bottles this fall are adopting the sexy fishnet look to stress their sex appeal, sense of style, and surprise the consumer -- Le bas résille a le vent en poupe cet automne en parfumerie sélective et même dans celle dite de niche! Témoins, trois parfums qui optent pour plus de provocation vestimentaire et de références fétichistes à la Bunuel:......

With Strip, Agent Provocateur uses the motif stamped on the bottle without resorting to the actual material, in order to stress the peep show theme of the perfume. The new Thierry Mugler Innocent Illusion, one of the many Angel flankers, has decided to spice up her act by suggesting a leg in a fishnet stocking or maybe attempt to catch those stars high above with a fishnet. Diesel Fuel for Life for Her goes for the same concept but adds a nuance of romanticism and coziness with its fishnet that suggests at the same time lace and even a jumper.

Here is a 2004 precursor to this design idea, Xpose by Christina Aguilera.

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