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After announcing that Christina Aguilera was preparing to launch her signature fragrance, I realized that she had already participated in a fragrance creation previously. Her perfume, Xpose, was launched in 2004 and exclusively distributed in the European market.

Interestingly enough, this fact was not mentioned in the recent press releases.

Have you tried it? 

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  1. Hi,

    I live in England & have never heard of this fragrance. I had a quick look on ebay UK, there were none there.

    Perhaps it's a fan made mock up?

  2. I think it's real. It looks real. hmmm...

  3. It is real. I actually have it. i had both Xpose Passion and Desire and they were great. Now i'm using Xpose Passion - It's my favourite perfume so far.

    Poo Jones
  4. Thank you Poo Jones. You reminded me also of the fact that this perfume has a fishnet on it, a topic we covered recently here in "Trend Alert":


  5. i have xpose glamour and its amazing! where can i get xpose passion and desire?? are there any more???


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