More Info on the Re-Launch of Coty Stetson Original with Tom Brady {Fragrance News}

Tom Brady Stetson Rockmount Ranch Wear.jpg

This is a picture of Tom Brady in Rockmount Ranch Wear which can get us accustomed to the idea that Brady looks good in cowboy gear although he is most commonly associated with the New England Patriots. By the way, Rockmount shirts seem to be particularly sought after and are often used in the movie industry. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, for example, both wore Rockmount shirts in Brokeback Mountain (see their celebrity gallery).

Back to Brady. We announced previously that Tom Brady is the new man fronting the Stetson colognes ads (included in the post is a behind-the-scenes pic from the photo shoot). Here is more information about the re-launch of Stetson Original this fall which is currently scheduled for November 2007. No official picture from the advertising campaign yet, but more details can be found in the press release,

"Who is today’s ultimate Stetson man? The expression of the great American outdoors, of freedom, of confidence and masculinity? TOM BRADY.  His appeal goes beyond his sporting skills and success, beyond his New England Patriots team, beyond the Superbowl.  He is rugged, down to earth, competitive, fair minded and honestly handsome.  A man with his own style and his own special magnetism. Whose independence of spirit and assured authenticity are his trademark...... 

"Tom is not all that’s new about Stetson Original, one of America’s favorite male fragrances. Always amongst the top five best-selling fragrances, always contemporary, always fresh, always right for today’s American man, Stetson Original is getting a new look.  Stetson Original was launched in 1982 and instantly became an American classic with citrus and amber notes that have contemporary appeal.  Now is the time to give it a new look, with classic, sleek lines of masculine elegant bottles, satin gold caps and understated gold packs. 

“This is an exciting and important time for Stetson,” says Bernd Beetz, CEO, Coty Inc.  “Its consistently high performance has proved that the Stetson man resides in every single region of the United States. Stetson reflects the individuality of every man who wears it, and Tom Brady is the perfect choice for our new spokesperson.  He is today’s Stetson man.”

“I am excited to be the Stetson man,” says Brady.  “Coty and Stetson do a great job of reflecting the guy who’s unafraid to tackle the unknown, get involved and be his own person—that’s how I live my life, and I think that’s how men who wear Stetson approach theirs.” 

Renowned photographer Peggy Sirota shot the striking new advertising featuring Brady on location at a Simi Valley, California ranch.

The new Stetson man will appear in stores across the country in time for the 2007 holiday season and the full re-presented Stetson Original line will be available starting March 2007.  Soon to come – a new look for Stetson Black and the introduction of a brand new, crisp classic scent next Spring: Stetson Fresh 
The Fragrance: Stetson Original is classified as Chypre Woody.

Top: contemporary blend of zesty Lemon and Bergamot, enveloped in dewy Citrus.

Heart: sophisticated wild Rose, Cyclamen, Lily of the Valley and intoxicating Florals.

Drydown: Musk, Moss and Balsam, complemented with warm Woods and golden Amber. 

The Line
 : Stetson Original*



1 oz.    $11.50 

2 oz.               $19.25 

3.5 oz.             $26.50


Cologne spray   

.75 oz.             $11.50 

1.5 oz.             $17.00 

2.25 oz.           $22.50



2 oz.                $16.50 

3.5 oz.             $21.75


Aftershave with aloe  

1.5 oz              $11.00


Deodorant stick  

2.75 oz.           $5.50


All Stetson Original products available now at mass retailers, drugstores and select

department stores nationwide.


*All prices suggested retail.

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  1. Oh, get real! This campaign is a JOKE! I guess "getting involved and being his own person", does NOT include taking responsibility for his actions. Did anyone check with the abandoned Bridget Moynahan and their son before coming up with the final draft? Apparently not. Why don't you just be honest and admit that you all think the losers out there are going to buy this stuff in hopes of getting their own version of an underwear model to fall for them. Please. Tom Brady would not wear this cologne for any reason other than the day he picks up his paycheck from you. One thing you's we women who buy our men their cologne. And Tom Brady is a loser & a deadbeat and the team he play's for are now known CHEATER's. Good call, Stetson. Hey, I hear OJ's looking for work.

  2. Cindy, stop posting your crap about Tom all over the net. Obviously he rejected you badly and you are lashing out with your stupid vile. Tom Brady is a famous, successful, great man...not to mention gorgeous man who will continue to be IN YOU FACE. So get used to it. Bridget? Bridget who?

  3. Tom Brady is a sorry piece of crap who abandoned his newborn son for a underwear model and now is being labeled a cheater. He wants everyone to forget it all of it now that hes such a great QB. This cheating scandal will not go away. TG. Couldnt have happened to a sleazier guy!!!!!! What a shmuck and an a-- this guy is.

  4. Cindy, you are hilarious!!!! Tom Brady has more class in his pinky than you could even imagine ever having. Go on...go on...trash talk Tom. I know you are secretly obsesed with him. There is a fine line between hate and love after all.

    shirley or cindy
  5. You go Cindy & Shirley! Poster shirley or cindy, please tell us how Tom can have class and at the same time abandon his child. Look, we're not saying he has to get back together with Bridget, but he SHOULD accept responsibility for his baby and be involved with it, or, if he TRULY is not ready to grow up, be involved with the baby and get over himself, sign all parental rights over to Bridget and let her raise the baby in peace without hauling her name into the mud. He at least owes her that much respect because she is the mother of his child.

  6. Stetson Cologne is cheap, it's Walmart's blue plate special in aisle 12. Like most cheap smells, too much of it is nauseating. In fact, most normal people find it downright offensive.

    So, having said that, I guess Brady is the perfect representative.

  7. I tested Stetson Cologne and Stetson After-Shave and I must say that I prefer the latter version. It is more subtle and better balanced than the cologne which seems a bit harsh. The after-shave has a nice sweet golden amber-y, tobacco, leathery feel.

  8. Tom's actions toward Bridget and his son show his true character. "Pensive"--yeah right. "Morally bankrupt?" Absolutely.

    I, personally, buy all of the high end Coty products--Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, etc. But now, they are all in the trash. And I won't be replacing them with any other Coty products until Brady is no longer the "Stetson" man. He is a self-absorbed, immature athlete, and he shouldn't ve been given a pass because he is cute and has won 3 superbowls. He may as well enjoy those rings--he won't be getting any awards for "Father of the Year" anytime soon. His face may sell a bit of Stetson from Wal-Mart, but it has cost Coty a customer (me) who has bought hundreds of dollars worth of Coty products from Nordstrom, Macy's and Bloomingdale's.


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