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This is our first announcement for a new fragrance without a name! Yes, you may have noticed a certain minimalist trend regarding perfume names lately which make these dwindle in size seriously offering sometimes just two letters, "XX" or "XY" or even a single letter, "L", but an unnamed perfume, without even a number, is a first.

But not for long. Bourbon French Parfums the old perfumery from New Orleans established in the 19th century is counting on you to provide them with a brand new original name for their new perfume. They are very old, 160 year old, and they need your help. The name, we suppose, has somehow to fit the spirit of the notes. Here's their letter to you,

Hello all you Perfumaniacs!

We are introducing a new fragrance this fall.  It's a beautiful blend of white tea with hints of lily of the valley, tuberose and a light touch of musk.......
Sadly, our brains are tired and we cannot seem to think of an original name.   So, we decided to let you name it! 
Just send us an email with your suggestion for our new fragrance name.  Be sure to include your name, address & phone number.
The winner will receive a one ounce perfume of our new fragrance and a one ounce perfume in the fragrance of their choice.
All submissions must be in by October 5th, 2007The winner will be announced on October 10th. 
Mary, Lori, Anne, Rhonda & Melissa
Bourbon French Parfums


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  1. This sounds soft, .. how about this:


    This sounds as though the notes are light & airy

    Cleo Key
  2. I'm new to this but how about
    Amour De Vol
    Which means,Flying Love in french

  3. I'm new to this but how about
    Amour De Vol
    Which means,Flying Love in french


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