Oudh in Arab Culture, Video Interview with Sean John {The 5th Sense in the News}


• You can read an article about Oudh, Aloeswood, or Agarwood and its all-encompassing importance in Arabian society in the Gulf Weekly,

The first thing your sense of smell picks up in an Arab house is the heady aroma of Oudh wafting in the air.

Oudh is considered as a supreme fragrance in the Gulf countries.
In Bahrain, Oudh is burned as a mark of respect and hospitality and is a traditional gesture of welcoming and honouring guests. In fact, Oudh is considered an important feature at most social occasions......

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(Photo oudh perfume oil by Preçious moi)

And here's P. Diddy calling for a challenge with his colleague celebrities on video: his perfume is the best! He can prove it! Just take up the challenge women!

Diddy Challenges JLo to a Scent Off 

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  1. it really is a nice fragrance. just the name "sean john" makes it sound like a big ole question...

  2. I ove the picture of Mariah Carrey! And send me more please! ~!~

  3. thats sooo right

    i myself use Oudh

    in the arabian gulf they
    use oudh almost everyday

    and theres something called bokour its like a vase of metal we put in it some hot coal and oudh that way it can spread faster in the house its simply awsome

    and now in qatar (my country) we are opening new stores that have Oudh but the outsiders dont enter the shop


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