Immortelle L'Amour by Ayala Moriel Parfums {New Perfume} {Fragrant Recipe}

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Perfumer Ayala Moriel of Ayala Moriel Parfums is preparing to launch her new creation called Immortelle L'Amour (Everlasting, Love) based on immortelle or Everlasting flower in November of 2007. Immortelle has a wonderful complex and original aroma in and of itself of caramel, roasted coffee, honey, maple syrup, and more and so this should be one to look forward to. It is also a warm scent that marries well with autumn as an antidote to the cold weather. Not content with issuing only a perfume for the skin, the perfumer will also propose an Immortelle L'Amour tea blend to perfume your palate.

In Ayala Moriel's own words:......

"The maple-like nuances of immortelle absolute are used here along with sweet orange, cinnamon, wheat and three different infusions of vanilla, creating a perfume that truly captures the aroma of cinnamon-pancakes and Tire d’Erable (“taffee on the snow”), an inseparable part of the Quebec heritage in the Maple Harvest Festivals. You’ll find it hard to resist licking this perfume, but it will prove to be a true friend for a love-injured heart. Immortelle l'Amour will be available as parfum extrait and in a tea-form.

Top Notes: Sweet Orange, Cinnamon
Heart Notes: Rooibos Tea, Broom
Base Notes: Immortelle, Vanilla, Wheat

Immortelle l'Amour will be launched for Fall-Winter 2007-2008, along with a complementary tea blend, and will be available exclusively through Ayala Moriel Parfums starting November 2007."

You can read more about the genesis of the perfume here as well as read poem that accompanies the perfume.


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