The Ruby-Red Shoe & The Cobra at Harrods {Unscented Yet Cool}

Cobra Harrods.jpg
Photo by Shaun Curry/AFP 

The British have a reputation of eccentricity to defend and they just did that very well. What better way, one must acknowledge even genius way, of guarding a pair of bejeweled haute couture shoes but to hire a flesh-and-blood cobra to do the job?......

This is indeed what took place on September 10 2007 at Harrods when a pair of shoes by René Caovilla encrusted with rubies, diamonds, and sapphires worth $120 000 were exhibited for just one day.  Everything went smoothly and the hissing cobra kept potential thieves at bay while providing an opportunity for great publicity and incongruous shots.


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  1. I find it inhumane to take a snake and turn it into a spectacle. Keeping it confined in that tiny box with that shoe shows to me that the owners of Harrod's will do anything to entice silly gawkers and drum up business. Shame on them.

    Christina H.
  2. I don't know cobras' habits, but I thought that they might stay recoiled on themselves for quite a while on their own. The box is not exactly tiny either. I don't know, I suppose I'm hardened by the sights of animals one sees in zoos more commonly. Do you mean to say that you can't stand to see animals in zoos and seeing people making a profit out of that by luring children near the cages?


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