Index of New Perfumes in 2006 & 2007 {Fragrance News}

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Dear Readers,

We have compiled an Index of New Perfumes in 2006 and 2007 in alphabetical order for your browsing convenience. These lists are selective as the task of indexing every new release in detail would be both tedious and time-consuming. A new creation, a new twist, an interesting packaging, a novel or trendy concept, a historically significant perfume house latest output or update, a new perfume brand are all reasons to turn our attention towards a new launch. Average flankers will be therefore under-represented. For new limited editions offering the same juices, you can go to Fragrance News and Luxury Perfumes.......

If however you see a perfume missing that you think should be indexed, you can send us a link for consideration. We will also update these pages as we come across perfumes we overlooked.

For now you can visit the links published in this post. Later we will put them up on  a convenient spot in the blog. The "New Perfumes" category at the top of our pages remain to offer you the same selection in chronological order. 

Best Scented Wishes,

-- Marie-Hélène

(Photo: Vroma)

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