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Hubert de Givenchy by Kai Jünemann 

There is a great interview of Hubert de Givenchy in L'Express. Incidentally, we were looking for a testimonial from a member of the signature-perfume school the other day when commenting on the article addressing the issue of the acceptability of a fragrance wardrobe; the famous French couturier is one of them,

"Mes parfums ont été le prolongement de ma couture, de l'élégance que je voulais donner à mes vêtements. Le parfum est l'un des éléments d'un style. J'ai toujours dit à mes clientes «Vous avez un style, de la personnalité, accentuez-les. Et, si vous vivez avec un parfum, conservez-le, car il est une part de vous-même»"

"My perfumes have been the extension of my couture, of the elegance that I wanted to impart to my clothes. Perfume is one of the elements of a style. I've always told my female customers "You have a style, personality, emphasize them. And if you happen to be living with a perfume, keep it, for it is a part of yourself." 

Givenchy also lays to rest the myth surrounding the L'interdit perfume and explains its name.......

In fact Givenchy chose the name for the perfume himself as a way to attract Audrey Hepburn like one entices children more certainly by forbidding them to do something. Apparently, a journalist got the story wrong and it was the beginning of the myth of an Audrey Hepburn exclaiming "I forbid you" upon learning of the public launch of her signature fragrance. He also explains that his Vétyver is inspired by the vétiver by Mary Chess, which he wore but always thought was a bit strong. There are more interesting details......

La particule élémentaire 

Columnist and perfume author Maïté Turonnet writes about the new recent tide of florals succeeding the tide of woodsy scents and reports on a new class of men's perfumes, the intense concentrations, meant to convey the message that certain perfumes are better worn at night than during the day. Gentlemen are in this manner invited to learn to modulate the intensity of their colognes.

The queen of flowers, the rose, is honored this fall,

"la rose cette rentrée sent le vin cuit ou l'artichaut cru, le poivre ou le réséda, la banane ou le miel (in Trésor, de Lancôme, réincarné par l'actrice Kate Winslet)." .....

"Rose this fall season smells of cooked wine or raw artichoke, pepper or reseda, banana or honey (in Trésor by Lancôme, incarnated anew by actress Kate Winslet)"

A l'ombre des parfums en fleurs in L'Express (+ short Q & A with Paco Rabanne on the right)

Men like it intense, 

Les hommes prennent goût aux parfums corsés in Le Figaro

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