Interview of Lyn Harris of Miller Harris on Beauty Interviews {Fragrant Reading}

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Beauty Interviews has a piece with Lyn Harris, the founder and perfumer of Miller Harris.

How do you source the ingredients for Miller Harris perfumes?
I only use the finest quality raw ingredients. I take pride in carefully selecting my materials from different regions and with my chemicals, again, I have my favourites, which I obtain through certain suppliers whom I favour. As I defined and refined my style, I have found that I am far more selective of the chemicals I work with. I have now got to a stage in my creativity where I am happy to limit myself to around 300 out of thousands and thousands available in perfumery. This is important in defining my style as a perfumer. I am confident about limiting my vocabulary in terms of these materials. However, the opposite is true of natural ingredients. I try and discover new naturals – I don’t like to be limited in that respect.

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