Smells Like Rain In The Spring In Belgium...... {Ask Marie-Helene}

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I came across your website a few days back and was really impressed. There is an ocean of happening things to read on your website!!! I am looking for a particular perfume for a friend back in Belgium. The trouble is he only gave me the description of the fragrance and he doesn't remember the name of the perfume either. Here is what he says....
  1. Smells like rain during spring in Belgium
  2. Contains clay
  3. Pretty expensive

Is there someone who can help me ??? I'm now in India and am leaving for Belgium in a week. Would be fantastic if I could get it for him.


Joseph H. 

Hi Joseph,

The only perfume off the top of my head that I remember smelling somewhat like clay at one point is Alba by Profumum Roma. It is supposed to evoke dawn, hence freshness.

If your friend is looking for a an impression like rain during spring in Belgium, he could perhaps try En Passant by Frederic Malle, Editions de Parfums. Its author is Olivia Giacobetti and she is known for loving the scent of water. En passant is about the scent of white lilac in the spring after it has rained and one is coming back from the boulanger with a bread under the arm. There are notes of lilac, orange blossom, water, cucumber, and wheat.

They are both pretty expensive.

If anyone else has any suggestions, please share.

Have a nice weekend,

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  1. your search is over!

    Seve Exquise by Gobin Daude, nothing can translate better than Belgium rain in the spring well actually over not quite yet, this line has been sadly discontinued (conceptually too far ahead and poetic) but check ebay every now and then, good luck!

    Aline et Valcour
  2. Hi,

    i search the parfum with the name "Hi Karate".
    Where can i buy this and whats is the price of this.

    Bye, Nici

  3. Hello,

    You can find it on eBay. It is actually called Hai Karate.


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