Looking for an Avon Dupe of Bill Blass Original {Ask Chant & Readers}


Bill Blass for Women (1978) is an underrated but not forgotten fragrance from the 1970s. Once again, a reader has asked a question about this gem. I previously answered a question about possible replacements for it in detail in 2011. This time, Marion wants to know if it's true that there is an Avon perfume which is a good dupe of it...

She writes,

"A friend of mine used to wear Bill Blass - Original perfume but is dissatisfied with the current formula. Someone told her that Avon sells a perfume that has a similar scent to the perfume she so enjoyed. Please advise me if this is true."

Hi Marion,

Thanks for your message. I love the original Bill Blass original as well. It's very crisp, green and American-like to my nose. I do not know of an Avon dupe so it might be best for me to post your message on the blog and see if anyone else knows about it.

It makes me think of Molinard by Molinard, which is comparable but less dynamic.

I'm wondering if it might not be Haiku by Avon that someone might have had in mind.



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