Creed pour Enfants (2015) {New Perfume} {Kids' Fragrances}

Creed_pour_enfants_tss.jpg The house of Creed Est. 1760 have introduced an unusual opus for the brand, a new fragrance for children and babies called Creed pour Enfants...

If we are not mistaken, this is a first for them.

The elegant flacon comes adorned with a flight of 14 doves - a symbol of peace - colored in red, green and blue.

The special unisex blend was formulated without alcohol so as to be usable by infants but can also be appreciated by adults, of course. It is a light fruity scent.

Fragrance notes are: plum, apple, rose, lemon and grapefruit.

With the birth of a number of royal and princely babies lately, it might be a good time for the house to think of their very young customers and their mothers. Creed are well-known for cultivating their links with the establishment.

Via Point de Vue

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