A Perfume Similar to Bill Blass 1978 {Ask Marie-Helene}

Bill_Blass_1978_perfume.jpgToday, Chelle asks:

I want a perfume that is very similar to Bill Blass 1978 version. I would be grateful for any suggestions you could offer. Thank you.

Hi Chelle,

You are in luck because Bill Blass, now redubbed Bill Blass Classic, is inspired by a perfume from the 1930s which has given life to a number of descendants. I will pick only some of the ones which are closest to Bill Blass. I have several suggestions for you after the jump...

When you smell Bill Blass today, it feels like a more active and dynamic daywear variation on the classic Joy by Patou, which launched during the Depression in 1930. That scent wanted to offer the example of a spirit of resilience in the face of adversity to the American customers of the French couturier.

Bill Blass also offers a green edge, which is typical of the 1970s, and that nuance you will find in another relative, Private Collection by Estée Lauder, which made its debut 5 years before it. It no doubt influenced Bill Blass Classic. Private Collection feels richer than Bill Blass.

I would also suggest Molinard by Molinard, which resembles Bill Blass, but is somewhat softer and spicier and with a rounder feel.

White Shoulders by Evyan is also a floral fragrance in that family. You could also see how you relate to Quelques Fleurs L'Original by Houbigant.

Other candidates are Fleurs de Rocaille by Caron, Jardins de Bagatelle by Guerlain, Wind Song by Prince Matchabelli.

In the artisan, niche category, you might be swayed by 3 Fleurs by Parfum d'Empire, which is inspired by this idea of a classic floral like Joy and which has that strong floral-y musky nuance that makes you think of perspiring flowers under the sun with bees humming in their corollas. Somehow, it makes me think of what people preferred to refer to politely as the "glow" of women to refer to women's clean yet noticeable perspiration. It is more tuberose-y though at one point than Bill Blass, but there is galbanum in it too. The drydowns are quite similar.

The first fragrance I would try is Molinard by Molinard, which launched a year later in 1979, resembles it most, and presents the same sweet green note.



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  1. Is the Classic Bill Blass no longer produced? I have been wearing Bill Blass since I was 19 and am devastated that I can not find it. I am now 54 and really miss having it.

    Helen Helm

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