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Burlesque icon Dita Von Teese has been practising the art of perfume news stripteasing for almost a year now. In December 2010, she announced that she was shopping for a fragrance deal. Then in February 2011, she promised us that it would have a dash of vulgarity. In May 2011, she had nailed the personality of her fragrance. Most recently, yesterday, the artist revealed more about the process and the notes....

The as of yet unnamed perfume was developed with Luxesse, a German company, but Von Teese who is based in Paris, France worked with noses in the capital city on an almost daily basis by her own admission. She said,

“I doubt the perfumers in Paris imagined that I would be in their shop almost every day for an entire year,” she reveals. “I wanted it to be perfect, and threw out many previous compositions and refined them.”

A fervent former wearer of Quelques Fleurs l'Original by Houbigant, she had to move on from that signature scent as her boyfriend, Louis-Marie de Castelbajac, was used to smelling it on his mother.

It will be interesting to see how Dita Von Teese manages to be faithful to her own affirmed taste, while stepping away from a perfume called Oedipus Complex.

Personally, the first name that came to my mind thinking about a possible name for her fragrance was "effeuillage", probably because it resembles "enfleurage" while being the nice, poetical term one needs to use to replace the much more red-lights, professional sounding "strip-tease."

While the cabaret artist is still working on her "lingo" as she puts it, we learn that it wil be a chypre, with "a lot of luscious flowers." She added that

“It had to be elegant, glamorous, sophisticated, sexy, dark, and mysterious.”

The packaging references the Art Deco period. The notes, finally, are revealed as top notes of fresh peonies, fizzy bergamot, and spicy Bourbon pepper; a heart of Bulgarian rose, Tahitian Tiaré petals, and fresh jasmine; the base features patchouli, musk, and smoky Gaiac wood and sandalwood.

The scent will launch in mid-October 2011.

Via WWD and Fashion Etc

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