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Monotheme fine fragrances Venezia carries a large number of fragrances at reasonable prices. Amongst others, they offer a line of perfumes in their Classic Fragrance collection which are based for their main inspiration on a single note to start with although the compositions are slightly more complex. The perfumes were created to be especially long-lasting. Their classic touch is underlined by the packaging which evokes an old-fashioned sense of apothecary charm........

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According to the ad copy,

"A collection of superb fragrances with a strong, evocative, distinctive and charismatic personality. Characterized by a main key ingredient, each Monotheme alchemy is based on research into the never-ending inspiration offered by Nature itself.

Lively and persistent fragrances, expertly balanced to ensure they last many hours, sophisticated and international in taste, timeless and yet intensely contemporary."

The Classic collection comprises White Musk, Grace Amber, Acqua Marina, Orchidee d'Oriente, Macchia Mediterranea, Agrumi di Sicilia, Iris of Tuscany, Scottish Lavender, Vetiver Bourbon, Cashmere Wood, Patchouli Leaves, Green Tea, Pure Neroli, Vanilla Blossom, Black Musk and White Tea. Vanilla Blossom and Black Musk are the latest 2006 additions to the collection.

Each perfume retails for $50 and some of them are available directly from this site although the collection has not been updated there. For more complete information on the notes and the brand please go here (selection differs somewhat but contact info is available for further clarification).

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