L'Atelier Bohême, New Perfumes from Parfum d'Empire Now Available {Shopping Tips}

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Luckyscent has received the new perfumes by Parfum d'Empire: Osmanthus Interdite, Equistrius, Fougère Bengale. They are offering a tempting deal; for every purchase of a bottle of perfume from the trilogy, you get a free travel set that includes all three........

We are also pleased to announce the introduction of a new line of perfumes to the US by L'Atelier Bohême, a small yet noteworthy artisan perfumery from France. We wrote previously about them (see here for more info on Immortelle, i.e., Everlasting), including a review of one of their creations, Fil de Soie (for Men). We happen to have an interview in the box, so to speak, from this summer with its founder and nose Crystelle Darchicourt and do not despair to translate it by the end of the month, which would be good timing. It will be published both in French and English for you reading pleasure (it's a beautiful interview).

And let's not forget the new Black Tourmaline by Olivier Durbano, which is also available at Luckyscent.  

Samples are available for all of these scents. 

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