Tibetan Mountain Temple by Pacifica {New Perfume}

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We reported last year about some of the amazingly scented and textured Pacifica Body Butters. Since then, the brand issued a line of personal fragrances that echo the scents of their candles and butters. A visit to the Anthropologie boutique made us discover these and then other new releases beckoned........

Now our mind is all focused on the promise of a new incense perfume by Pacifica called Tibetan Mountain Temple. What an evocative name.

Notes are equally evocative: orange, vetiver, patchouli, incense accord, ginger, violet, wood, roots, and soil.

From the ad copy:

Vetiver and Indonesian Patchouli make up the base of this tranquil, incense-like blend. Ginger sits lightly in the middle while orange provides the lift for these distinct essential oils.

Vetiver symbolizes grounding strength for those who are stressed or have lost connection with their inner being. It also serves as a symbol of the timeless and eternal nature of existence. Blended with the strength and power of patchouli, and the grounding properties of ginger, this candle is very centering and powerful, yet the fragrance remains sweet and subtle. Vetiver, native to India, is known for its resinous earthy overtones and complimentary notes of violet, wood, roots, and soil. Its name in Indonesia, where it is cultivated today, translates as "fragrant root."

The orange color of this candle is reminiscent of the saffron robes worn by Buddhist monks.

A perfume for your inner Buddhist or earth-loving soul.

The perfumes are made with natural grain alcohol. They retail $19.95 for 1.2 oz. 

You can purchase the perfume here.

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