French Lilac & Tahitian Gardenia Body Butters by Pacifica {Beauty Notes}


Tahitian Gardenia and French Lilac body butters by Pacifica are two of the items in this body line that I thought smelled particularly good and are worth mentioning.

Pacifica, Est. 1995 is originally, and first and foremost still it seems a candle-making business. These beauty products were made using scents that are popular in the candle line. This reminds me that Hilary Duff also got her inspiration for her perfume With Love from a cherished home candle. A new trend in the making?

The quality of these creams is very good. Tahitian Gardenia smells very tropical, offering a moderate indolic character that prevents it from smelling too sanitized and lacking in character. It would make a great skin scent, not overly complex but comforting and pretty. The same thing can be said about French Lilac. The smell feels natural, spring-y, and fresh. It has enough of a presence to be used as a skin scent too, one that would not just smell like your preferred means for perfuming yourself is soap....

I thought that they smelled surprisingly good at the beginning, a little less in the middle where they start being more evocative of a bath line but then the drydown recaptures that element of good surprise I was mentioning at first. The butters offer a good concentration in perfumed oils.

The texture of the butter used is another strong point. It is very pleasant offering an immediate sensual pleasure you can feel with the tip of your fingers as you dip them into the cream which is both superlatively buttery and light. It feels decadent, like the butter filling used for a Napoleon cake. I absolutely love the texture. Regarding the ingredients used, the company says,

"Our natural paraben-free formula is scented with your favorite Pacifica blends and utilizes botanical ingredients including shea and mango butters, chamomile extract, safflower, almond and essential oils soften and protect the skin - providing intensive, lasting moisture. We do all of this without using animal ingredients or testing and as always, our products are made in the USA".

pacifica_tahitian_gardenia_body_butter.jpg As of a 2014 update, the body butter now comes in 8 fl.oz tubes and there is even a mini 2.5 fl oz size for your travelling convenience, $15 and $7 respectively.

An 8 oz. pot retails for $15.95. Products are available from Pacifica.

Source: Pacifica

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