Tom Ford Fragrances: 4 in Dubai Boutique, More on Tom Ford for Men & Tom Ford Extrême {New Perfumes} {Fragrance News}

Tom Ford Perfumes Interview.jpg
In a video interview given to, Tom Ford reveals that he is working on four new perfumes that will be exclusive to his Dubai boutique and which "are more about that part of the world". Tom Ford for Men he characterizes as more of a "global fragrance that has to appeal to everyone", i.e., mainstream with the extra connotation that consumers are from all over the world. He says that it is classic and fresh in the top notes with a warm sensual base. Tom Ford Extrême, which is coming out in November of 2007, he explains is the reverse, very sensual with a little bit of freshness.

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  1. No, the world does not need an "extreme" version of Tom Ford: it would do better with less of him. What about Tom Ford Light?

  2. Actually Tom Ford Men, priced 65€ for the 100ml, smells nice, sexy, but nothing to have with the elitist Black Orchid.That's why our world needs an extreme version of it :)


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