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Tsi-La Organics is a new brand of perfumes that will appeal to the green-minded perfume consumer and provide the opportunity of an interesting foray into natural perfumery for more eclectic perfumistas. The packaging is lovely and the pleasure of varying perfumes has been kept in mind as you can purchase the scents in at least one set of four.

The brand stresses that they do not use any synthetic ingredients, just pure essence oils. Their two different sets of fragrances modulate traditional perfume carriers for people who prefer oil versus those who favor alcohol. In this manner they offer a series of four perfume oils and one of six "natural eau de parfum", which are alcohol-based. Part of the fragrances overlap the two collections, with Fleur Sauvage, Kesu, Ilang Ilang, and Kizes found in the coconut oil-based scents and Fiori d'Arancio, Ilang Ilang, Saqui, Kesu, Fleur Sauvage, and Kizes found in the alcohol-based ones. Both series are in Eau de Parfum concentration........

According to the press release,

"Delicate, sophisticated and 100% natural.  Untouched by alcohol, preservatives, artificial fragrances or colorings, Tsi~La’s Eau de Parfum Collection is a quartet of mesmerizing aromas that boasts a moisturizing base of select coconut oil infused with botanical extracts of pink orchid flowers.  Orchids are known to fight free radicals, increase skin immunity, and they are rich in minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron and copper to enhance the skin’s natural mineral content.  Packaged in Tsi~La’s signature black lotus box, these mini marvels are sized for portability.  SRP: $75.00/  4 fragrances, 4 ML each

Fleur Sauvage is an alluring 100% natural floral fragrance composed of tantalizing tuberose and seductive jasmine petals that have been stimulating passion through the ages.  The legend of the tuberose warns young girls to not breathe in its bewitching fragrance after dark, for fear of being overcome by desire.  The voluptuous tuberose flowers are infused with notes of fresh Neroli, Italian bergamot and rich blond woods.

Kesu is a mysterious and provocative blend of 100% pure plant essence composed of warm amber and precious rare woods combined with the lingering aroma of smoky incense to create a seductively mysterious base.  These elegant notes are layered with narcotic jasmine petals, Davana, exotic spices and fresh lime to create a unisex fragrance steeped in sensuality.

Ilang Ilang is 100% natural floral fragrance.  The enchanting and seductive scent of tree blossoms arouses your primal desires, while the creamy, floral aroma is saturated with sugared citrus fruits and lush vanilla orchids to entice flirtation. 

Kizes is a spontaneous and fresh 100% natural fragrance.  The sun-kissed citrus notes of Sicilian bergamot and citron mingle with juicy clusters of elderflower blossoms and a sensual infusion of voluptuous tuberose, jasmine petals and the delicate orange flower to create pure pleasure.  The fresh and playful blend of candied citrus is layered with luscious, creamy flowers to create a delicious unisex fragrance drenched in summer.

Two more perfumes are part of the alcohol-based collection, 

Fiori d’Arancio is a 100% natural citrus fragrance that is as delicious as it is mischievous.  Sparkling notes of luscious orange blossoms, juicy tangerines and playful Neroli flowers are laced with flirtation.  The base of this head-turning scent is caramelized sensuous vanilla orchids and a drop of honey that create an aroma that imparts a tempting and addictive trail, while a hint of creamed citrus makes this kittenish fragrance irresistible.

Saqui was created for the sole purpose to attract with the warmth of ginger, clove and nutmeg mingling with sensuous vanilla orchids and a delicate infusion of Valencia orange, Italian bergamot and pomelo to create temptation.  This provocative, stimulating blend of rare spices and herbs is interwoven with rare woods and desire. "

They are also planning to release perfumes for the hair.

(Tsi-La Organics press release)

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