Traditionally since 1957, the French Perfumers’ Society encourages young perfume creators to express freely their creativity through this International Creative Perfumers’ Award, held every two years.

This competition is opened to Perfumers of all nationalities, under the age of thirty five on the opening date and who wish to present an original perfume which has not yet been commercialised.

After submission of entries to the secretary of the French Perfumers’ Society (deadline 15 th January 2008)

- A technical jury will select the most original formulas

- An artistic jury will appreciate the selected compositions, will name the winner.

-   The winner will receive on this very special occasion a 1.600 €uros prize. The organizing Committee will promote his or her perfume which will be kept at the OSMOTHEQUE in VERSAILLES.

For the 2008 award the fragrance submitted will be a feminine EDT conforming to IFRA Guidelines for which the words of Henri Bosco quotation will come to feed your inspiration to create an original olfactive representation :

« You push your hand in among the damp leaves, which when shaken shed hundreds of tiny clear droplets of water onto your fingers whilst the little plant’ perfume exhales and intermingles near the ground with the smell of the plants below and the stronger emanations of the earth”.

No price nor concentration limit are allowed for submission.

This award emphasizes the French Perfumers’ Society wish to continue to defend and to encourage creativity in perfumery without any commercial purposes.

The regulations for the International Creative Perfumer’s Award are available upon request at the address below.

Thank you in advance for your support and contribution towards the success of this event.


Isabel DEVER


Tél : 33(0)1 39 55 84 34 / Fax : 33(0)1 39 55 73 64

36, rue du Parc de Clagny - 78000 VERSAILLES - FRANCE