Armani Code Elixir by Armani (2007) {New Perfume}

Armani Code Elixir.jpg


Armani will introduce a more intense, sophisticated, and mysterious version of Armani Code called Armani Code Elixir in Eau de Parfum concentration. The jasmine fragrance introduced last year dresses itself for the occasion in a sumptuous royal blue poire flacon.

The 50 ml poire vapo will retail for 88 Euros and be introduced, in Italy at least, in November of 2007. ( Source:

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  1. Absolutely exotic! I'd love it in a purse size!!

  2. Marie-Helene,
    Still love your blog! Wonderful!

    Question: Is an Elixir De Parfum more concentrated than Eau de Parfum?

    Just wondering.

    Going to the stores isn't much help...they just aren't I came to you!


    • Michellene,

      Thank you. Good question. The only objective way to determine that is to know what is the percentage of oils that was used in a particular perfume. There are no general rules really and it is left up some to the brand to choose what concentration label they want to use.

      In this case, the marketing copy explains that the elixir is in fact an eau de parfum, so my guess is that they did not put in a maximum concentration of oils otherwise they would have advertised it. I haven't tested this one, but it is not impossible that they chose the word "elixir" because they managed to play on the perfume notes to make it feel particularly concentrated. For example, the latest Africanimal by Mac, although not an elixir, could be felt to have an "elixir", concentrated texture about it. "Elixir" means the quintessence of something, so potentially it could be that one of the notes was made more potent or more characteristic.

      Your best bet is to smell this elixir, try it on your skin, and see if it merits the name "elixir" :)

      Chant Wagner
  3. i have the elixir of Armani code and i must say i love it. The smell lingers for a long time without being aggressive.
    I would also recommend the body wash and lotion because the scent is just fantastic and i always feel good wearing it! =)

    Sarah T.

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