Crépuscule, Aurore, Aube in Nuit Magique collection by René Garraud (2007) {New Perfumes}

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Hair stylist René Garraud is launching a new collection of women's perfumes called Nuit Magique, which includes Crépuscule, Aurore, and Aube. Each perfume is meant to evoke a different moment of a magical night. The brand René Garraud, established 1950, says that they pride themselves in bringing to their customers classical, timeless fragrances available at reasonable prices.  Aube is a re-edition, in name at least, of a previous René Garraud fragrance......

Crépuscule is described as a woody oriental. Top notes are bergamot, clementine, red pepper, plum; heart notes are exotic woods, patchouli; base notes are amber, Tonka Bean, Bourbon Vanilla, and white musk.

Aurore is interpreted as a fruity-floral. Top notes are a cocktail of blackcurrant and citrus fruits spiced up by nutmeg; heart notes are red berries, delicate florals like freesia, rounded off by a sea breeze impression; base notes are cedar, sandalwood, Tonka, musk, and rose.

Aube is a floriental. Top notes are slightly green with sweet almond and cherry; heart notes are powdery and floral with water-lily, rose, jasmine, violet, white peach; base notes are amber, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, and candy.

(Sources:, René Garraud) 

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