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Need a little relaxation? Here is a *spoof* article about the latest perfume by Britney Spears and the difficulties experienced by the marketing team when attempting to match the image of the perfume with that of the celebrity it is inspired by,

"Lars Mitchell, Director of Product Management for Elizabeth Arden, remarked on the difficulty on finding an appropriate name for the perfume.

(Perfume bottle is made from recycled prison bars)........

"In the end, we went with the name 'Shame'. It is a name that truly humbles and describes as a whole the gamut of experiences being dealt with by Britney. We had several strong candidates, but each of them described more a single moment and was not as summative as we liked. We had originally thought "Cougar Prowl" but that seemed to capture only her divorce. Likewise "Crib Death", though a very provocative image, only dealt with her lack of parenting skills. Her current eating issues were captured in the name 'Binge', but that seemed to have a small shelf life.

"Shame" is expected on department store fragrance counters by the end of the week."

Note: The real new perfume recently released by Britney Spears is called Believe

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  1. well, isn't it a shame...
    The recycled prison bars might fit perfectly other celebs these days
    fragrant greetings to you! and thank you for spreading this information.

  2. Scented Greetings to you! Yes, celebrities are like the gods in ancient Greek mythology; they live excessive lives and mortals read about their escapades:)


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