Dis-Moi Miroir.... & 4 More by Thierry Mugler {New Fragrances}

Icelandic print of Snow White from 1852

Thierry Mugler is launching a collection of five fragrances this holiday season inspired by the theme of the mirror. The scents will be launched in December of 2007 exclusively at Sephora and be distributed more widely in the beginning of 2008.......

Only one perfume in the series has been christened for certain so far, Dis-Moi Miroir, in reference to Snow-White. Other tentative titles for the other perfumes are: A Travers Le Miroir, Miroir des Désirs, Miroir des Secrets et Miroir des Vanités. The first two, together with Dis-Moi Miroir, are described as florals. Miroir des Secrets is an adehydic perfume and Miroir des Vanités, a woody one.

Another recent perfume (2006-2007) which was inspired by the mythology of the mirror is Belle en Rykiel by Sonia Rykiel

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