Dragon Flacon for Eau de Protection by Etat Libre d'Orange {Scented Image}

Eau de Protection Etat Libre d'Orange Flacon.jpg
We got a picture of the flacon of the new Rossy de Palma Eau de Protection. Please read our review of this literally spell-binding perfume. The design is a departure from the usual Etat Libre d'Orange bottles as the glass is not usually decorated but bears a bristol label.......

We thought we read somewhere that the dragon is a reproduction of a tattoo Rossy de Palma wears on her left arm, but we cannot find the reference anymore. Quid ???

According to the press release,

La "sirène-conquistador" [...] "Rossy la rose a eu ce qu’elle voulait. Ce qu’elle méritait. La tigresse a eu son baume." 

The "siren-conquistador" [...] "Rossy the rose got what she wanted. What she deserved. The tigress got her balm."

Update: the perfume is now available online here. 

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