Every Man Jack Citrus Body Wash & Body Bar: It's for Men, but it's Great for Gals Too & The Perfumista's Little Helper {Beauty Notes - Review}

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This review is based on two products by the men's grooming brand Every Man Jack, the Body Wash & shower scrub and Body Bar in the citrus scent. It appears not to be available yet on their site but is at Target. We probably would not have paid any extra  amount of attention to the line had they not sent us the products. Now that we have we can report that not only is the Body Wash in particular a *great* product for the skin, with a special pleasing texture and properties that really work, but that we discovered also that due to its beyond-the-call-of-duty deodorizing qualities, it is a superior aid for removing unwanted lingering on smells of fragrances. So Bath & Body people and Perfume Lovers, listen up!.......

The press release says about the Body Bar that,

"Body Bar Citrus Scrub

Citrus and Wheat?  Sounds like breakfast.  The fresh, clean scent invigorates while wheat bran scrubs away dead skin.  Um, good!  A veggie base cleans and glycerin holds moisture on the skin.  Every Man Jack’s Body Bar Citrus Scrub is tallow free, sulfate free and paraben free."

The Scented Salamander says, 

The bar looks great. You can apprehend it as being either manly or elegant or both as it has the appearance of a block of walnut wood with all the veneer and patina that come with the real thing. Size is great too. The scent, as for the Body Wash, is a bit strong as directly emanating from the products, but becomes much more discreet once used on the skin, turning from candied citrus to lightly fresh with a clean smell.

We thought that the wheat bran in the soap bar felt a bit scratchy and that the bar is not as hydrating as the Body Wash. So people with sensitive skins and moisturizing needs should rather turn to the Body Wash, which we love.

Now about the Body Wash, they say that,

"Body Wash Citrus Scrub

Citrus in the shower?  Hey, it beats some of the other stuff in there.  Coconut-derived surfactants cleanse as polyethylene beads scrub away dry and dead skin, and essential citrus oils of mandarin orange and lemon refresh.  Every Man Jack’s Body Wash Citrus Scrub is dye free, SLS free and paraben free."

The Scented Salamander thinks that,

This one is a winner. The wash has the consistence of a gel mixed with oil (glycerin) and is very pleasing just to feel on the fingers as the texture feels potentially loaded with moisturizing power. And it is. At the end of the session, the skin feels both squeaky clean and fully hydrated, which is no meager feat. The exfoliating beads are much more discreet than the bran in the soap.

Scent-wise we accidentally discovered that the Body Wash has superior deodorizing properties. If you were wearing a perfume before taking your shower, it seems to virtually erase it from your skin like we have not seen it take place with other products. We would say that even with a freshly applied perfume, it seems to let about 10% of it remain on the skin after showering. After one night, the scent was never applied on your skin. Using a citrus-scented gel to wash off a perfume does leave some citrus scent on the skin but it fades away with great and surprising velocity (1-2 mn).

This is a great double-duty product as far as people who operate with a fragrance wardrobe are concerned. Highly recommended.

All the products from the line are priced $4.99 or less. 




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  1. First of all, appreciate your candour.
    Second, great reviews as always.
    Last but not least: what an ADORABLE picture!!

  2. Thank you Helg. I agree the cuteness factor is pretty high here:) Stop! Stop it! It's too cute!


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