First Criminal Perfume Counterfeit Case in Manhattan: It's Bad for your Health {Fragrance News}

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According to Women's Wear Daily a criminal investigation involving perfumes was conducted and brought to conclusion last week for the first time in Manhattan and others are to follow. A boutique called Price Right and Watches located at 1205 Broadway was raided by the police on Tuesday as it was stocked with hundreds of counterfeit fragrances bearing the names of prestigious brands......

Total of fraudulent stock had a value of about $3 million at retail. What is important to note is that the case involves health issues,

"Because fragrances are applied to the skin — and some counterfeits have been shown to include additives such as urine and antifreeze — fakes can pose a significant public safety issue, said Bradley Schnur, president and chief operating officer of SES and a former assistant district attorney in Brooklyn. "It's a health issue, in addition to hurting companies in the pocket," he said."

(Source: Women's Wear Daily) 

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