François Charles by Rancé 1795 {New Fragrance - Cologne}

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Rancé 1795 has released a new men's fragrance from the archival depths of the house for its historic Collection Impériale; it is called François Charles. It was named after the son of Napoléon Bonaparte and Marie-Louise d'Autriche also known as l'Aiglon or Roi de Rome. Previous perfumes in the imperial fragrance series include Le Vainqueur, Joséphine, and Eugénie, which all follow the common theme of a dedication to a member of the Bonaparte family......

François Charles was originally created by Jean Rancé, the son of the founder of the house of Rancé, François Rancé, to celebrate the birth of the King of Rome (1811-1832).

The Italian site of Rancé describes it as a strongly masculine fragrance that speaks to the person who loves nature. It is said to be like taking a stroll in a wood and gathering the notes emanating in succession from the plants, flowers, and wild herbs. The scent is said to deliver both intense aromas and to offer perpetually shifting olfactory impressions.

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(Source: The European site of Rancé 1795

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