La Part des Anges by Thierry Mugler Now Available {Shopping Tip} {New Perfume}

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The new precious variation on Thierry Mugler Angel called La Part des Anges, which we reported about earlier is now available at Nordstrom for $220. Aged like a good Cognac, it is a new process applied to a perfume product. The extrait is reported to smell of deep candied fruits.

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  1. I received a sample today and it is a very sweet smell. I love it.

  2. i got a free sample of la part des anges and i love it. i would like to know where i can buy it besides norstroms.

    judy anderson
  3. Nordstrom is completely out. Where else carries this perfume?

  4. I received a sample of "La Part Des Anges" and found it to be the most incredible and awesome fragrance I've experience in a long time. Thank you.

    Shirley C
  5. How/where can I possibly get a sample of this? I'm looking to find a bottle for my wife as well? Any thoughts on where maybe?

  6. Hello,

    Thierry Mugler answered that La Part des Anges is at:
    "Bloomingdales, Saks, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom while supplies last. It is a Limited Edition item.

    $220 for .33 fl. oz."

  7. I have one of the .33 fl oz bottles that just happened to be on the counter at Nordstroms. The attendant did not know what it was and someone had bought the four bottles the store was getting site unseen. But this bottle was misplaced and so they did not get it.

    If anyone would like to purchase it, I can sell it to highest bidder - expect it is worth over $800 per what I saw on eBay.

    Great valentine gift.

  8. If anyone is interested in the 15th limited edition fragrance for Angel I have 2 bottles purchased from saks and we can discuss a purchase price. They are brand new in a sks gift box and they are numbered.

    Great gift for any occasion.


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