Limited Edition Aromatics Elixir Atomizer by Clinique {Fragrance News}

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With the Holidays season looming on the horizon, perfume brands are issuing special editions of fragrances. With Clinique Aromatics Elixir the juice remains unchanged but it is poured in a lovely new atomizer for the occasion.....

Atomizers are great if you use up the fragrance quickly enough otherwise the perfume being in contact with air will spoil more easily overtime. A year seems to be a reasonable maximum. Aromatics Elixir is such a wonderful perfume, I am sure it should not be a big problem.

"Clinique's intriguing nonconformist Aromatics Elixir brings you something new: Perfume Atomizer. Lifts the spirit in subtle, pleasing ways. A luxurious touch to a classic fragrance, available for a limited time only. Use as a spray or mist the air and walk through for a veil of scent. 3.4 oz."

Atomizer retails for $60 at Nordstrom and Clinique

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  1. I might have to get a bottle of this. I just tried this the other day, albeit with some trepidition. I was afraid it was another Youth Dew but it wasn't. I know Youth Dew is wonderful, but it isn't wonderful on me. I did like Aromatic Elixir. But I reckon I should go for the regular bottle as I doubt I would use up this one within a year...


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