Ladurée Partners with Sephora for the Holidays {Fragrance News} {Bath & Body}

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The eminent macaroon specialist Ladurée has partnered with Sephora to release a limited edition of makeup and body products scented with the gourmand aromas of Chantilly, violet, or brioche normally floating in his boutiques, just in time for the holidays season. In parallel to this partnership, Ladurée will launch his own line of beauty products........

The Ladurée line will include 6 beauty products scented with almond and will be available at the Bon Marché.

For Sephora, there will be gourmand glosses, soaps scented with brioche, violet, or Chantilly, gourmand bath salts, a brioche-scented body dusting powder, a superb mauve vanity....

The Ladurée-at-Sephora line will hit the shelves from November 2007. Expect to see it in the Sephoras in Europe, the Middle East, Russia (not in Europe in their categorization), Canada and in all the Ladurée boutiques.

(Sources: Maxi Tendance, Les 

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