Le B by Agnès B {New Fragrance}

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French designer Agnès B has decided to revisit her first fragrance creation called Le B, issued some twenty years ago, with the help of perfumer Olivia Giacobetti. She wanted to translate this time a memory of a summer vacation with the following words submitted to the perfumer's imagination: "sun, fresh, cotton, laziness, blond sand, white flowers, rumpled linen".......

The new perfume still takes inspiration from the original one as well as it was streamlined on the one hand and enriched on the other, especially with carnal white flowers.

The result offers the combination of the soft scent of orange flower, lemon leaves, honeydew melon seed, and a velvety jasmine. The composition sounds very "Giacobettian" judging from the description of a light, soft, watery/fresh perfume.

The heart-shaped perfume flacon is meant to symbolize love and a heart beating in the light.

"Eau de toilette
Flacon cœur 30 ml : 39 €
Flacon vaporisateur : 49 €"
It should be available on Le Club des Créateurs de Beauté
(Source:  Au Féminin)



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