Can Can by Paris Hilton: The Ad {Scented Image} {New Perfume}

Paris Hilton Can Can Ad.jpg

OMG!! I can't close my jaw I am so stupefied by the kitschy character of the advert for the new Paris Hilton Can Can! Actually I finally managed to, but I am still experiencing a cramp of disbelief in my jaw muscles.

This is her 4th women's fragrance (she also released at least one men's fragrance) and this time the aesthetics for the promotion images seem to be a cross between the universes of a beauty contest show for little girls + Valentine Day Chocolate box + Moulin Rouge as seen through a touristy snow ball + a Barbie doll package......

Paris Hilton Can Can 2.jpg

Wait until you see the video of the shoot for the ad

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  1. Shuddering at the disclaimer I'll now have to make for Caron's CanCan.

  2. Lol! I hadn't thought about that. You are indeed in a delicate spot from now on.

  3. Excuse me but, why would anyone expect profound thoughts from Paris Hilton? C'mon, guys. She's the epitome of frivolity. If the perfume is good (and Paris has nothing to do with that) enjoy. If not, forget it. But don't judge it based on who promotes it.

  4. Mitsouko,

    I am looking forward to trying this fragrance.

  5. people love to hate on paris hilton's perfumes but i actually own all 3 previous ones and get complimented all the time on them! I dont mind paris as a celebrity like most people do but i am not fanatical and i know owning all her perfumes seems like i am lol but i swear i just like how they smell.

    miss vane
  6. Hi, I was searching for information on Can Can and found this site. I'm not a PH fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I sampled this perfume today without knowing it was hers, and it is a gorgeous subtle fragrance that I am definitely buying. I laughed about it all the way home with my daughter, we couldn't believe Paris had such a nice product. Forget about her, this is my going to be my next purchase!

  7. Denise,

    It's nice to know. It's a much better experience when the perfume is good while its image is not so enthralling than when it is the reverse.

  8. Paris does have everything to do w/making her perfumes. Everyone endorsoring "THEIR" names pick out the "notes" of the fragrance. I have never experienced her perfumes, but am curious regarding "Cancan".

  9. i love this perfume, it smells amazing :)

  10. A woman at my office passed by my desk and her fragrance caught my attention, I asked her what it was, and she said, �can can by PH�. Im gonna by it for my GF, this weekend.


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