New Commercial Website for Indie Brand .Vero. Profumo. {Scented Paths & fragrant Addresses}

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 7,5 ml and 15 ml of pure perfume, 105 € or US $ 152 and 165 € or US $ 238
Vero Kern is the founder and perfumer of .Vero.Profumo. a Zurich-based independent perfume house. Kern was trained in Paris in the classical tradition of French perfumery. She is also well known as the close friend and collaborator of other Swiss indie perfumer Andy Tauer, whom we have had the pleasure of welcoming on this blog for an interview in the past.

Vero Kern currently offers a collection of three perfumes called Rubj, Onda, and Kiki. They are now available, in extraits de parfums versions, directly from her visually arresting website, which has been revamped as a shopping site.......

Rubj is described as “a rendez vous in Sheikh Nefzaoui’s “Perfumed garden”; it includes notes of orange blossom, jasmine, and musk, all of the finest quality.

Onda has notes of vetiver roots, ginger, mace, coriander…..and is meant “for those who love the good things in life.”

Kiki is an homage to the city of Paris and is meant to please “confirmed individualists with French chic.” It features notes of powdery caramel, musk, and exotic fruits.

All of her perfumes include a high proportion of natural essences. 

The .Vero. Profumo. website is trilingual and can be accessed in French, German, and English. 

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