Ombre Libertine by Parfumerie Contemporaine {Ask Marie-Helene}


"First of all, just let me say that I love your site! I'm hoping that you or one of your readers can help me track down a perfume of which I find absolutely no trace on the internet. When my mother passed away in 1998, I got a box with some of her perfumes in it. I hadn't really delved into them until recently (and here it is, coming up on 10 years!) One of the perfumes is called "Ombre Libertine" by a company called Parfumerie Contemporaine, located at 16, place Vendome in Paris (now the site of Piaget Jewelers). For all intents and purposes, this fragrance never existed (no reference on any perfume site that I've checked). It's a wonderful fragrance, and all that I have left is a spray bottle about 1/3 full. I would love to find some more if it's still around!

Thanks - D......."

Dear D,

Thank you for your kind words. I asked two sellers who were selling a perfume called "Ombre Libertine" to please tell us more about it if they could, but both were unsure as to its provenance and whereabouts. In fact they were so unsure about it that they wondered if we might not be talking about "Ambre Libertine" by L'Oréal a perfume that was popular in the 1980s.

Here is one of the two links that is still active: 

It would be interesting to see a picture of the perfume bottle if you had one handy.

If you really want to pursue this, I would try contacting folks from the International Perfume Bottle Association; they have a "Mystery Bottle Center" for example that might be a good place to exchange on this topic.

If a reader knows about Ombre Libertine by Parfumerie Contemporaine, Place Vendôme, please let us know!




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  1. ======================

    100ML 80%VOL
    My friend had received this gift from a French friend in 1970S. It is still in very good sitution today. What's that this perfume?
    I'm sorry for my poor English......

    Happy Newyear!

    HUI An
  2. Dear,

    my mother lives in Belgium now for over more than 30y. My father came to France, moved then to Holland and came then to Belgium.

    When I was a little child, I used to see the many bottles of perfume my mothers has.

    Now I'm 23 years old and my mother stored all of her perfumes in a closet. Today I wondered what the internet would say about a bottle. So I picked one....Ombre Libertine (Paris); Eau de toilette concentree, 100 ml, 80% vol. I gave it in google and I ran into this site.

    I believe this is the perfume you were looking for.


  3. je possède un flacon de ambre libertine eau de toilette concentrée 100 ml parfumerie contemporaine 16 place vendome paris il reste 60% du parfum à l'intérieur je peux faire une photo si vous le désirez didier

    • Euh, oui, d'accord. Si m'envoyez une photo, je pourrais l'utiliser comme illustration avec votre permission.


      Chant Wagner
  4. Hello Marie, I have a bottle of 75 ml of Ombre Libertine that has 90% left. Regards.

    Jose Maria Martinez Sanchez
  5. hello,
    In my collection, I have a new bottle of Ambre Libertine (the confusion with the "O" and "A" is the stylized writing. I have a 100 ml bottle unused if you are interested. They are very rare indeed.

    cheryle soucy
  6. hello can you tell me where can i buy Ombre Libertine parfume these days, my mother used to love it in the 80's.. and her birthday is coming i like to surprice her. thank you

    greetings from Macedonia


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