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Liz Zorn, founder and perfumer of Liz Zorn Perfumes, a Cincinnati-based indie perfume house, is releasing an updated version of her Good Luck Series which will be available from November 1st 2007 and includes two subsets of perfumes, one named Amber Girls with Ankhara, Calcutta, Quan Yin, the other Tea Trilogy with Chado, Oolong, and Yin Hao.

Ankhara, Calcutta, Chado and Quan Yin have been reportedly "updated". In fact, one of the noteworthy news is that Liz Zorn is using a mixed palette of natural essences and synthetic materials for the revised Good Luck Series......

From the press releases from PR Buzz and Liz Zorn,

"Ahkhara - Warm and sensual, like a fine brushed suede: Notes: Frangapini Absolute, Pomegranate, Sweet Fig, Amber, Musk
Calcutta - Boldly exotic, spicy and rich. Notes: Pandanus, Kewra Attar, Motia Attar, Ginger, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla
Quan Yin - Elegant, a classic romantic floral. Notes: Rose Absolute, Carnation, Plum, Sweet Amber, Soft Woods
“Tea Trilogy” includes Chado, Oolong and Yin Hao. All based on the signature essence of the type of tea it is named for.
Chado - Inspired by the japanese Tea Ceremony of the same name, is green and sharp, dry and rustic. Notes: Galbanum, Blue Cypress, Green Tea, Woods
Oolong - From the Rare and enchanting WuYi Oolong, A complex tea note layered with the subtleness of soft peaches. Notes: Oolong Tea, Tobacco Absolute, Peach Blossom
Yin Hao - A shameless jasmine infused tea, (said to the the favorite of super secret agent James Bond). Is a sharp, green indolic jasmine perfume with a lush floral heart. Notes: jasmine Sambac, Jasmine Absolute, Green Leaves, Green Tea, Sandalwood, Musk.

About Liz Zorn Perfumes: All of these fragrances in the “Good Luck Series” play heavily into the influences of perfumer Liz Zorn, who has a keen interest in Eastern Philosophy, Tea and the art of conceptualization.
A painter by trade for many years, Liz has been able to translate her sensibilities for color and composition in to the fine art of perfumery. After a two year building phase, Liz launched her first line of ready to wear fragrances (The Signature Collection of natural perfumes) online in the summer of 2006. Followed up with a small boutique ZZs Petals Parfume Moderne, in the fall. Interest and popularity of the line as been growing ever since. Particularly the natural perfumes, which are quite popular at the moment. And the first love of the artist, who began her study of perfumery with the blending of natural essential oils and floral extracts.
The Good Luck Series is a slight departure. Using a mixed palette of both natural and modern perfumery elements.
Artists Statement: “I feel that to create a quality perfume with a high level of natural materials as I do requires a unique sensibility, as well as a disciplined study of scent structure as a whole. Particularly if that perfume is to be reflective of perfumery in general. Natural perfumes and perfumes created from a mostly natural palette, are different in many ways from their mainstream counterparts, yet should be held to no less scrutiny in the marketplace. Being an independent perfumer, I have the luxury to work with many rare and exotic materials. When I am cultivating an idea for something new. My only interest is in the beauty creation and expansion of my art. I have little interest in what has already been done. Perfumery is so vast, where the possibilities are endless. I love that. Even though there are so called “Masters” this is an art that can never be mastered. If it were, I would have become bored years ago and moved onto something else.”
Where To Buy: The Good Luck Series, will be available beginning November 1st. through the Liz Zorn Perfumes web site at www.lizzorn.com, and through Zz’s Petals Boutique in Morrow (Cincinnati) Ohio. The boutique will begin expanded hours in November that run through the Holiday season. Tuesday thru Saturday from 12 noon till 5pm. Also beginning November 1st. Saturdays will be known as “Tea Day”. Where people can stop in have a cup of tea, sample and talk perfume at their leisure. Chado, Oolong and Yin Hao, will be on the menu (tea and perfume)."

From our correspondence with Liz Zorn,

"Chrysalis: a new scent in the Signature Nature Collection was launched back in the spring along with Underworld and Waterflower. We now have an EDP version of the Chrysalis available. that was added to the online store this week.

It can get a bit confusing sometimes, because I do not always offer online the same things that we sell in the boutique. If something is selling well in the boutique I will add it to the online store.  If something doesn't sell well online, I will usually remove it.
Right now our best sellers online are  Chrysalis, Grand Canyon and Citrine Rose.
Citrine Rose is the best seller overall. Online and Boutique.

The new Good Luck  Series: Will be a permanent fixture. A series that will be added to over time in collections of three like minded scents. In my long career as a painter I always worked in series. So crafting three perfumes at a time, on the same theme, is not such a stretch for me. My aim is to get folks to experience perfume in the same way as they do other art forms. Not just as a consumer good, but something with artistic merit. Conceived from a particular aesthetic point of view, rather than a bottom line."

Business Information
Name: Liz Zorn Perfumes LLC / ZZ’s Petals Parfume Moderne
Address: 416 W. Pike Street (Montgomery Road, across from Morrow Plaza)
Morrow, Ohio 45152
Phone: 513-899-4463
Email: admin@lizzorn.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Website: www.lizzorn.com
Liz Zorn, Owner/Perfumer"

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