Hinoki, Sakura, Shobu, Yuzu in Pleasure of Japanese Bath by Shu Uemura {Bath & Body}

Pleasure of Japanese Bath Shu Uemura.jpg
Shu Uemura has re-edited a collection of four bath oils that were first issued 10 years ago. The bath essences called Hinoki, Sakura, Shobu, and Yuzu feature a unique oil formula that helps the skin be supple and hydrated......

Each scent is inspired by Japanese nature; Hinoki means Cypress in Japanese, Sakura, Cherry Blossom, Shobu is iris, and Yuzu is a Japanese citrus.

If you need further inspiration to take the plunge, there is a whole literature available on the pleasures of Japanese bathing ritual at all good libraries.

Each 200 ml bottle retails for $40 here

(Sources: Sfilate.it, Shu Uemura) 

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