Votez Pour Le Plus Beau Flacon de L'Année ~ Vote For The Best Perfume Bottle of the Year {Fragrance News}

Les flacons d'or.jpg

The association "Grand Prix International du Flacon de Parfum" is organizing the 7th edition of its annual awards called Les Flacon d'Or (Golden Flacons) given to the best perfume flacon in the feminine, masculine, and children categories. This year, the competition includes the outer packaging as well. Perfume bottles have been short-listed already and the selection includes fragrances from past years, not just this year's creations.

The pool of candidates appears fairly narrow and somewhat a bit arbitrarily-chosen, but you can win 40 000 Euros worth of prizes if you participate in the game here from October 15 to November 30 2007. 

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