Ruehl No. 925 Signature Scents Online, Amazing Prastara Royal Sale + Bonus for TSS Readers {Shopping Tips}

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Ruehl No. 925, a division of Abercrombie & Fitch, has opened an e-commerce site and is now selling its duo of perfumes for her and for him online. Their Signature perfume retails for 1 oz. $ 34 and 3.4 oz. $ 68. R-4, the men's cologne, is available for 1.7 oz. $ 48 and 3.4 oz. $68........

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Prastara Royal, a cologne created originally for Louis XIV ca. 1682 and resurrected by Douglas Hopkins, is being put on sale on eBay for the time of an exceptional sale that takes place every five years and lasts for a month according to the brand,

"This sale initiated last week with a special edition of our flagship men's
cologne, the hand-wrapped wicker Prastara Royal, and will continue four
weeks with this and other selections. We are already receiving email from
established customers, amazed and thankful for the "bargains". For example,
the flagship Prastara Royal bottle sold at $35; the closest store retail is
Readers of The Scented Salamander get a further free shipping bonus,
"If buyer identifies themselves as a member of your site, they'll receive the
shipping and handling free ($10), with a purchase limit of three bottles of
each scent."
About the cologne,
"The subtle redolence the perfect English gentleman leaves lingering in the elevator cabin.  This fragrance is classified in the “splash” category.  The light, citrus top note keeps its strength no more than a few hours and is customarily renewed periodically for full effect.  A refreshing dose starts your day with the established psychological effect of “citrus uplift”.  In public keeps a tasteful “arm’s length boundary”; no commercial-strength broadcast radiating to the corners of the office or smothering the elevator. No offensive residue from your business handshake.  Perfect for after the beach and workout; keep a bottle at the gym.  The smooth fresh attitude is frequently recommended for those who generally don't like to wear fragance!"
According to the press release,
The brand is "starting an international expansion from our 15 years of exclusivity with Bergdorf Goodman."
The current eBay auction number is: 230186729429.


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